Carbon footprint your business. 

Know the impact of your business and product.
Know where and how to act to reduce it. 
Celebrate your impact with customers. 
Get closer to B Corp and being climate positive.

Find out more about our IMPACT ANALYSIS TOOL at the ENSIGHT LAB 

Ensight Lab - sounds technical... what is it?

We are trying to make carbon footprinting easy and accessible to all - no matter your shoe size. So we can help you lighten your load on the road to sustainability. 


That's why we have created the Ensight Lab - a user-friendly online platform that makes it easy for you to provide us with information to calculate your product carbon footprint. So we can maximise efficiency from both ends! 


The Ensight lab is quick and easy to complete. We will get working on producing the Product Carbon Footprint Report after receiving information on your supply chain.

Our simple, concise results will aid you in making the important decisions without having to do all the complex calculations.


  • Be one of the select few first users of  Ensight Lab.

  • Receive tailored advice and ongoing sustainability support

  • Get easy access to our additional services.  

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Ensight Lab Disclaimer:

The emissions factors used in the calculations are sourced from Ecoinvent Database and CO2e values, with final carbon footprint calculated in kg CO2e. Although we have made every effort to validate all data used in our calculations to the extent possible, Ensight and our listed partners do not make any representations about the accuracy of the data obtained from third party sources. The purpose of the calculations generated by Ensight Lab is to give an acceptably accurate indication of the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of a product, suitable for self-declaration by a product manufacturer or product brand. They are not intended to be used for any other purpose. 

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