Circla is a start-up providing refillable toiletries services to the leisure industry.

Our job: 

Supply Chain Analysis and Impact Report

  • Provided 360° environmental footprinting for the packaging used by Circla.

  • Offered a supply chain analysis of Circla, focusing on the totality of their operations and understanding the associated absolute impact in relation to carbon, water and waste.


"Charlotte [ Ensight Founder] is a fantastic asset for any start-up who is looking at understanding and improving their environmental impact. She is highly analytical, diligent and passionate. I could not recommend working with Charlotte enough!"

- Claudia Gwinnutt, Founder of Circla

Ocean Bottle is the winner of the London Environment Award and the founders have been nominated as Forbes30under30.

Our job: 

Impact Analysis and Sustainable Development Goal Report

  • Enabled Ocean Bottle to carry out a life cycle analysis of their reusable bottle, allowing them to quantify the environmental impact of their product at every step of their supply chain.

  • This report was accompanied with a Sustainable Development Goal alignment report; the quantification of their contribution to the goals and their sub-goals.


“The Ensight team gave us the capabilities and tools we didn’t have. They provided an in depth analysis of our operational footprint and a priority list of where to make improvements. As an environmental impact company, where we put this at the centre of everything we do and work to set the benchmark as high as possible, this was incredibly important to us and we look forward to actioning the findings and improving our product's footprint."

- William Pearson, Founder of Ocean Bottle

Unruly burger is a plant based, vegan burger, bringing a tasty meat alternative to the market, interested in combating the environmental impacts of meat products. 

Jason, the founder of Unruly Burger, is also the founder of the biggest food & beverage festival in all of Europe - Bread & Jam Festival.

Our job:

Product Carbon Footprinting

  • Provided a supply chain analysis that permitted the quantification of the carbon emissions associated with the product and consequently, the reduction of carbon emissions compared to the meat based alternatives.


The Beagle Button is a platform allowing consumers to filter and purchase goods depending on different social and environmental criteria. Envsight developped their sustainability filter, selecting the most robust and relevant values to base their brand onboarding on and select values consumers could shop by. 


"The team at Ensight provided excellent support for us when we were reviewing our sustainability criteria. They provided a well-thought through and thoroughly researched piece of work!"

-The Beagle Button

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