UK SMEs are responsible for an estimated 60% of industry’s CO2 emissions [5]


There is currently environmental elitism among businesses - only those with the big bucks can afford to know their impact, take action and celebrate their success with customers. 

Ensight are here to demystify sustainability. We want to make doing good for the planet easy and accessible to all.  A sustainable future can only be achieved with inclusivity. 




We work with businesses that are in this for the right reasons:

a healthier society and a thriving planet.


Equal opportunities for everyone. Contact us if you are limited on budget - we vouch our services to be accessible to all. 


We do not greenwash. We tell the truth even if it is uncomfortable. 


Our story started off with the start-up Circla, a refillable toiletry business, who wanted their footprint analysed but didn't know how or have the budget for it. Our founder came on as a freelancer to push the business in the right direction and understand its impact. Word spread about our freelancing work and soon we had other small businesses getting in touch.  Founders and business owners couldn't get hold of environmental consultancy or product analysis for an affordable price and with a reliable output. Sustainability services weren't inclusive. And that's where we decided to come in. From freelancers to an environmental data platform, we've grown to reach one ultimate goal: make sustainability accessible to all. Business size should not matter.

We are a team of   bright,  enthusiastic,  eco-geeks  looking to change the world one challenge at a time. We've got a range of backgrounds from climate change, environmental technology, and computer science.


Dave Folk

Co-founder of Cloverly -a carbon offsetting platform for day to day business operations

Amanda Campbell

Successful sustainability entrepreneur and founder of Camp-A-Tent

Onesmus Mwanjbe

Life cycle and supply chain analysis expert, head of the Life Cycle Network within the UK

Juan Pablo Cerda

CEO of Zeigo - a rapidly growing start-up in renewable energy

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